The Socratic Method

Law school and the Socratic Method. In order to teach students how to analyze and make legal arguments, how to properly read and brief cases and, lastly, how to prepare for the pressures and rigors of a legal practice.

The Bar Exam

Graduates are eligible to sit for the California Bar Exam, over half of the states permit our students to sit for the Bar Exam and there are ways to work as an attorney in every state. If you have questions call us at 805-770-3030 to discuss your options.

Mentoring Program

The California School of Law has a student mentoring program, in which upper classmen (2L, 3L and 4L students) mentor 1L (first year) students.

Bar Results

The California School of Law graduates have performed well on the Bar Exam. On the July 2016 exam 80% passed! Over the last 10 years 46% have passed. If you would like to become one of the law schools success stories apply today.

Grading & Exams

The Faculty are instructed to grade on standards comparable to those at ABA accredited law schools and that students who pass the law School’s courses are likely to the California Bar exam. Grades are based primarily on the final examination and two mid-term exams.

Next Steps...

To find out if you would be accepted to the California School of Law, fill out our Admissions Evaluation and a law school counselor will get right back to you.