Bar Review Course

Students take a 4 month Bar Review Course in the last semester of law school. The law school has found that a long-term approach is what works best preparing for 6-7 month. The student spends one week on each subject tested, reviewing black letter law, essays, and multiple choice.

Library & FastCase

All students attending the California School of Law Online Law School receive a FastCase Library account providing them with access to the one of the best law librarys in the world. FastCase library offers students leading-edge tools for research, document preparation and more, including access to over three billion documents from thousands of sources.


All California School of Law students are given a Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction C.A.L.I. membership. This provides students with excellent study aids to reinforce the classroom lessons. Law professors have prepared detailed lectures for every course and every subject, reinforcing the information discussed in class.

Class Schedule

The California School of Law is a part time law school, classes meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00pm to 9:00pm PST, students take two courses and each class session is 1 1/2 hours. The California School of Law is on a trimester system, classes meet 30 times in each course, per trimester, with mid-terms and a final exam, as at traditional residential law schools.

Class Time

The method of instruction, curriculum and grading standards at the California School of Law have been designed to emulate those at prestigious, accredited residential law schools. Students are in class for the same number of hours, 270 per year, take the same courses and use the same textbooks.

Apply Now...

If you have decided the California School of Law is the right law school for you, then you can apply now and start law school with our next class.