Payment Center

Students can set up auto withdraw for their installment payments, or just log into their student account and make the payment.

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Textbooks are purchased from online textbook distributors and sent directly to students. We use the same textbooks as most residential law schools.

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Technical Support

Technical support is always available, during the day if you know there is a problem and during class someone is always at the technical support desk.

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Proctored Exams

Exams are taken on your computer. All Final Exams are proctored, the Mid-term Exams are not. The Law School will work with you to find a covenant test center, typically a college test center or local library.

Classroom Environment

Classes are conducted just like at a traditional “brick and mortar” law school with the professor  discussing cases, directly question students, and give students the opportunity to debate the law with their classmates.  Students have have face to face interaction with other students, establishing friendships and professional networking connections.

Next Steps...

If you would like to determine if you would be admitted to the California School of Law, fill out our Admissions Evaluation and a law school counselor will get right back to you.